Inroducing Buddhist paintings by Osho Tesshin


“I produce Buddhist paintings offering prayers with every stroke.”

Osho Tesshin

The president of the workshop Gachirinsha. Tesshin was born in Toyohashi, Aichi in 1981. Tesshin is an Ajari (Acharya) of Shingon Buddhism and has mastered Buddhist paintings on Mt. Koya. While being the head priest of Kichijoji Temple, also known as "Akiyama Fudo" located in Uenohara, Yamanashi, Tesshin produces paintings specifically of Buddhas in esoteric Buddhism and Shugendo mainly at request of temples, priests, and ascetics. Major works include the sliding screen paintings at Kumagaiji Temple, Koyasan as well as the coverart of an anniversary issue published by Koyasan Shingon Sect. As for the inquiry and the production request, please feel free to contact Gachirinsha.

Workshop Gachirinsha

Gachirinsha has been engaging in producing Buddhist paitings so that they would be guides of your spiritual journeys for good. Specializing images especially of esoteric Buddhism and Shugendo, we produce a painting according to you request. If you have any question, please feel free to contact us.

9818 Akiyama, Uenohara
Yamanashi 401-0201